Friday, 17 June 2011


Wow, it's been a while! I really haven't had too much to post about, I haven't been playing too much poker at all. Just the occasional $5 SNG(ay). Oh yeah, so Americans can't play poker online anymore? This is pretty sad, I really feel for those that played professionally. So what have I been doing? Well thanks for asking, I shall let you know now....


I have just been ploughing in 55 hour weeks and selling stuff on Ebay, after moving into my own place I wasn't sure how I would cope financially but I'm fine really and don't actually need to work like a dog, 33 hours a week would do me but we are busy at the moment and the money does come in useful I suppose. With regards Ebay, I have just been going charity shops and car boots and banging stuff on the net for a profit, Amazon also, books and stuff. I am no expert but I'm not bad :) Got £500 in my Paypal account now anyway. I was thinking about putting a decent sized deposit on a site with the money but I am not sure if I have the game to make a profit :(

Just as I wrote this I am playing a couple of games and have just seen my 10's crushed by donko's 3's on the river. Poker sucks! It's a mugs game...

Anyway, that's where I'm at, to deposit or not to deposit, and where.

Take care guys xx