Monday, 31 October 2011

Just when you need to run good...

Still playing when I can really, and still having lots of deep runs. I have had 1 final table since my last post, but had to leave the game because I had agreed to go and meet someone at a certain time which was kinda frustrating. I know you shouldn't start a game if you are not going to be able to finish it, but it just went on foreverrrrr, I am sure an hour passed at the final table and nobody got eliminated... think I finished 6th or 7th.

Anyway, I just had another deep run finishing 51st/1239 running my measly AA into Q8, I should know better to play such poor hands and of course he flopped trip 8's and I was gone. Serves me right, I shall fold it pre flop in future.

I shall keep persevering anyway, I think my best chances are on ipoker with the smaller fields. I can definately sense a big cash coming!


Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Wasting my time

I am not wasting my time playing poker, hell no! I am wasting my time playing poker incredibly badly. People are making a killing playing the tournaments on iPoker, I just looked up a couple on sharkscope that I had seen on my tables, one had $40k profit from around 4000 games, another had $16k profit from a measly 300 MTT's. There is no reason that cannot be me, absolutely none at all. All I need to do is sort out my endgame as it continuously lets me down. I have just bubbled two MTT's after getting myself in great positions once again with solid aggressive poker. It is a recurring theme finishing just short of the money, or minimum cashing and I know myself that I am playing badly. I fritter away my chips, play too many pots out of position, get my chips in bad too often, etc, etc. I just don't know what I am doing in the latter stages these days, I've forgotten everything I ever knew. So it is time to sort it out and get studying instead of being lazy, I am wasting a great opportunity of a substantial second income. Dan Harrington's books seem as good a place to start as any...

Monday, 24 October 2011

Trying something different

My last couple of poker sessions I have been playing the 180 player turbo's on Jokerstars. I deposited a meagre $25 to give me 10 games at the $2.50 games to try them out and I must admit I am really enjoying them. One minute your a big stack, then your a small stack, then your a big stack again, the way your fortunes alter in the latter stages in these is quite mind boggling, because the stacks relative to the blinds mean it is generally just push/shove poker. You obviously need to suck out quite a lot to win one of these, but I have done OK, with 3 good runs in my short sample, with 2 cashes, a 16th and a 6th. The thing I like about these is they are cheap and aren't damaging my life bankroll and there is scope to move upto bigger buyins if I do well, as traffic is good at higher buyins unlike some of the European sites where traffic can be shit.

So I guess I shall just persevere with these for the timebeing and try and enjoy them, and hopefully I can make a few $'s also!

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Keep your head up, keep your heart strong.

I have a really depressing post written down on my word processor but I feel in a lighter mood now than I did earlier. Poker hadn't been going good (too much tinkering with my game after a couple of none cashes, when there was nothing wrong with my game) and life in general isn't great with work drying up and probably going to have to look for another job. There are plenty worse off though, I shouldn't be all doom and gloom all the time. I am striving to get fit and lose a bit of weight (about a stone hopefully) and I feel better for going to the gym, even though I haven't lost anything yet I feel much fitter. I also seem to have got my game back together in the 6 player turbo's, turning $5.50 into $52.50 single tabling $5.50 games, just concentrating on playing well, probably around 8 to 10 games or so in total. At the end of the day I don't need to multi table these if I can consistently win in them, for example if I had been playing the $22 games and had the same win rate I would have won $200 today. I would be delighted with this, or even half of it per day!! Looking back to a couple of posts back I wrote how I should stop playing these games because I am rubbish at them, but seriously, they should be beatable if you can play consistently solid poker. I realise this now, stop moaning and get on with it John FFS!

I'll leave you with this lovely song. Positive mental attitude!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

I need to stop posting drunk

Sober post coming tomorrow, as I am drunk again.

Friday, 14 October 2011

I want to be a Multi Table grinder

I want to make money from playing lots of poker tournaments over the internet. I have the game, I think. I make some bad decisions but you can't get them all right. What I need to do is start playing at around 5 or 6pm and start registering for the $5 and $10 games, and get a few on the go. My game is not that complicated that this should be a huge burden on me, at the moment I am just lazy. I would rather play 1 table and bang out the music and get pissed, or do something like champ manager or angry birds on my phone on the side. I guess to summise, I need to get more professional. I can manage 4 tables, I should do this regularly when I am not working (which is quite a lot recently). I just need to crack on really. I have gotten into so many great positions recently, only to lose a huge pot with the best hand and get sucked out on. My game is there, I just need to up the volume to reduce the variance. I also need to stop playing the 6 player turbo's!!!! I am shite at them...

I have a question, for anyone who may be reading. You (me) raise in lateish position, and the SB says 'I've had enough, cya later guys' and goes all in. You call and the wanker bastard bitch shows AK, is this cheating? This is a hypothetical situation of course...................

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

If Carlsberg did river cards

Never really been one for folding Kings pre flop. And what a river! Lovely

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where one should focus ones energies:

Sharkscope of ones Donkament and Sit and Gay results:

As can be seen from the image above, dear readers, all the energy expended on SNG Turbo's has been a big fat waste of time. I may or may not be in slight profit due to rakeback only. MTT's though are an altogether different kettle of fish:

As can be seen from the graph above, one cashes with some regularity although I dread to think of the amount of games I've donked out of when playing poorly. They are obviously (to me anyway) the easiest way to make money from the game. The big problem has been volume, it has probably taken me years to play 281 tournaments on this account, prior to donking SNG's on iPoker I had been donking out of them on Full Tilt, only stopping when it ceased to exist. If I could just focus my energies into playing them more often I might actually make some money, the results are there in black and white. It is just so soul destroying when you get donked out on after hours of perseverance which tends to set me back a bit, for example the 7 2 hand in my previous post. It sent me on mini tilt in subsequent tournies and I have hardly played for a couple of weeks. I managed 2nd/107 today though for $171, which was nice. I was poor heads up but I shall put it down to rustiness.

Must play more tournaments!