Tuesday, 30 July 2013

A New Month, a New Start

Long time no post! Yesterday was a very disappointing day, the TILT MONSTER came and got me, and my $200 bankroll went from $200 to $2...

Upto that point, things hadn't been going too bad, I was sticking to my strengths (MTT's) and had some decent results on various sites and a few cashouts on pokerstars, which is always nice. I started playing 6 player turbo's again though unfortunately, these have been the bain of my life many times in the past. I was sort of break even in them for a while, then went on a run where I didn't win for a few games, then tried to get my losses back by altering my game which was sort of solid and break even for the most part albeit a fairly small sample, to a more spewy donk type of game, AND THE REST IS HISTORY.

So I am now in the position where I am going to have to deposit again, and go back to playing my solid MTT TAG style poker, which was working but I can't seem to manage to stick to it, from a combination of boredom and lack of a strong mentality. If I can stick to it I can make some money from this game for sure, I am never going to set the world alight with my amazing play and go to the WSOP and win millions, but I would have my place as a steady porofitable poker player. The problem with me is if I don't win for a few days I start panicking and I don't look at the big picture. I work full time, I buy and sell part time, I don't NEED to be winning big money every day on the poker, I should be happy to just grind, enjoy it as a hobby and be happy to be in any sort of profit each month.

We are not quite in August now, but the new month starts NOW, it just seems that it should because of the new start and beginning from rock bottom again. I shall try to update with my progress more often for anyone who still reads this.

THE LAST 8 MONTHS OR SO - Not much has happened, I did have a few months where I hardly played at all and thought that poker may be a thing of the past for me, but you soon get the bug back when you start cashing again when you do eventually get back to playing.

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