Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Championship Manager, the bane of my life

Not the new Championship Manager though, a really old one, season 03/04 infact, where Thierry Henry is by far the greatest player in the world, and every game he gets 2 goals (minimum) and the man of the match award. I have been playing on this loads lately, I'm in the year 2021 and the players are all computer generated. Ben Blake and Andy Pearson are awesome!

Back to real life and I have been doing OK on the poker, although I seem to have hit a brick wall. From an $11 deposit I got my bankroll to $400 playing $5 and then $10 6 player turbo's, but I have been fluctuating between $300 and $400 for a while now. I just can't seem to string a few 1st place finishes together, something that I was doing plenty of as I seemed to rocket to $400. I guess I was running really good and didn't realise it, and now I'm running a combination of bad/average. Hopefully I can grind out of this rut because I want to have a crack at some $20 turbo's if I can get my roll upto $500. I am in no hurry, just a few games when I am in the mood, nice and relaxed mindset for the poker these days.

Hope y'all running good, laters

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