Monday, 24 October 2011

Trying something different

My last couple of poker sessions I have been playing the 180 player turbo's on Jokerstars. I deposited a meagre $25 to give me 10 games at the $2.50 games to try them out and I must admit I am really enjoying them. One minute your a big stack, then your a small stack, then your a big stack again, the way your fortunes alter in the latter stages in these is quite mind boggling, because the stacks relative to the blinds mean it is generally just push/shove poker. You obviously need to suck out quite a lot to win one of these, but I have done OK, with 3 good runs in my short sample, with 2 cashes, a 16th and a 6th. The thing I like about these is they are cheap and aren't damaging my life bankroll and there is scope to move upto bigger buyins if I do well, as traffic is good at higher buyins unlike some of the European sites where traffic can be shit.

So I guess I shall just persevere with these for the timebeing and try and enjoy them, and hopefully I can make a few $'s also!

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