Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Where one should focus ones energies:

Sharkscope of ones Donkament and Sit and Gay results:

As can be seen from the image above, dear readers, all the energy expended on SNG Turbo's has been a big fat waste of time. I may or may not be in slight profit due to rakeback only. MTT's though are an altogether different kettle of fish:

As can be seen from the graph above, one cashes with some regularity although I dread to think of the amount of games I've donked out of when playing poorly. They are obviously (to me anyway) the easiest way to make money from the game. The big problem has been volume, it has probably taken me years to play 281 tournaments on this account, prior to donking SNG's on iPoker I had been donking out of them on Full Tilt, only stopping when it ceased to exist. If I could just focus my energies into playing them more often I might actually make some money, the results are there in black and white. It is just so soul destroying when you get donked out on after hours of perseverance which tends to set me back a bit, for example the 7 2 hand in my previous post. It sent me on mini tilt in subsequent tournies and I have hardly played for a couple of weeks. I managed 2nd/107 today though for $171, which was nice. I was poor heads up but I shall put it down to rustiness.

Must play more tournaments!


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$1000man said...

Nice mtt results mate, keep up the good work